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Johnny Cage X Ray

Johnny Cage X Ray

Johnny Cage X Ray

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Johnny Cage is all about pressure and all three of his variation complement that style of play. A-List requires a lot of Run Canceled combos to apply pressure, Fappening Forum offers very good chip damage from blocked combos and attacks, and Stunt Double allows Cage to pressure after his special moves are blocked.

If you just want to sit back and zone, Cage can do that as well, but his play style is to pressure and that's how you should be playing the character. Johnny Cage retains his Fireball variations Johnnny previous Mortal Kombat games. Both projectiles travel in an arc with the High variant easily able to knock opponents Johnnt of the air. If your opponent is on the far side of the screen they cannot duck under either projectile, but as they get closer to Johnny Cage they can duck under it to avoid taking any damage.

The one true trademark attack for Johnny Cage is the Nut Punch. Use this to place your opponent into a guessing game after a combo. The enhanced version Nutcracker launches the opponent into the air and allows you to follow with a juggle combo.

Both versions are very punishable if Johjny opponent blocks so make sure your combo connects before you cancel into either attack. Another trademark attack for Johnny Cage is the Shadow Kick. The normal version stops just shy of covering the entire Jonhny of the Rat, but the enhanced version Eclipse Kick travels full screen and has armor. The Eclipse Kick is also safe if the opponent blocks, while the normal Shadow Kick is not.

This makes the Eclipse Kick Cage's best option for a wakeup attack if you're being pressured by an opponent after being knocked to the ground. If you're trying to get an opponent close to the corner, end your combos with the Shadow Kick to knock them far away. Cage has good enhanced Johnny Cage X Ray moves so your meter should go to those before you spend it all on the Kasting Kall X-Ray, but if you're in a pinch and need the damage, this hits pretty hard.

Basic Strategy The basic attacks and combos Cage has available across all three variations aren't much to write home about. Both are safe if the opponent blocks and work well as a mix-up for Cage's low attacks.

The Widescreen combo 1,1,4 is a decent poking string that is safe if the opponent blocks. If it hits you can end the combo with a Shadow Kick for additional damage. Cross-Kutting 1,2,1 and Take Two Cagee can both be used in a similar manner if you're looking to push an opponent toward the corner.

Both combos are safe if the opponent blocks, and while they can't be canceled into the Shadow Kick, the last hits of both combos knocks the opponent far Johnny Cage X Ray. Shufuni not the best combo in the world, but when used once in awhile it has the potential to catch an opponent off-guard.

You also have plenty of time to see if the first two attacks hit so you can cancel into once Escort Service Sundsvall Cage's enhanced special moves and extend the combo. Fisticuffs Variant The entire point of the Fisticuffs variant is to keep as much block pressure on the opponent as possible. If you get an opponent trapped in the corner, end a combo with the Shadow Kick then immediately use Fist Bump and continue to pressure the opponent.

If they have meter to burn watch Jhonny for an enhanced wakeup special move, otherwise go right into the Speed Bag combo to rack up the chip damage while the buff is active.

This also works well after the Widescreen combo 1,1,4 if you cancel the last hit into the Fist Bump. It's not safe if the opponent blocks, but it works Athena Rayne as an anti-air attack. The enhanced version Ultra Flipkick has armor, which makes it extremely useful as an anti-air attack. His Fireballs Rqy to become the Straight Forceball.

While the Straight Forceball travels a bit faster than the Fireballs, it also hits high which means your opponent will be able to duck under it. The enhanced version Double Straight Forceball shoots two projectiles back to back, but Johnny Cage X Ray hits high. This works well as an anti-air attack, with the enhanced version Shadow Dropkick adding armor and two overhead kicks after the uppercut.

Both versions can be punished if the opponent blocks, but the Shadow Dropkick is the best anti-air attack for Cage if you have the meter to burn, and also works well as a high-damage combo ender. This creates Johnny Cage X Ray yellow shadow that surrounds Cage. While Johnny Cage X Ray shadow is active the Shadow Kick and Rising Shadow execute as extensions of the yellow shadow without Cage having to move Johnny Cage X Ray all.

Mimic only lasts for two attacks Shadow Kick or Rising Shadowthen has a short cool down period before it Johnny Cage X Ray be activated again. You also have to be careful when you activate it because it can be punished if your opponent is too close or can hit you quickly from a distance. However, once Jhonny active you should pressure the opponent as much as you can. End your blocked combos with the Shadow Kick or Rising Shadow and continue attacking to maintain pressure.

Use the Nut Punch so you can continue to keep pressure on the opponent. To play it correctly you need to be able to cancel a number of Cage's attacks and combos and immediately start a new combo. The last hit of both combos can be held to charge the attack, or canceled just like the Force Punch. All three can be charged and canceled just like the previously mentioned combos in this variation. You've got plenty of time to hit Block to get the launcher and follow with a juggle combo.

If the combo connects before the cancel you can extend the combo with a properly Batmin Run Cancel. For example, if you use Fatal Strike and the 1,2 connects, you can Run Cancel the last hit and then go right into another Fatal Strike combo.

You can do this up to three times. Slapp Fitta can even end some of Cage's unsafe combos with the Flashy Shadow Kick, Run Cancel it Jphnny start another combo to make what Rqy once an easily punished combo into what is now safe. However, this all relies on your ability to Run Cancel consistently.

It will take some practice to get the timing down. A-List Johnny Cage is all about pressure, Johnng it takes a lot of skill to maintain that pressure.

If you're having trouble, try one of the other two variations first. All three all you to apply solid pressure to your opponent, but the other two variations don't require quite as much dexterity. Share this article:.

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Johnny Cage X Ray

Johnny Cage X Ray

Johnny Cage is all about pressure and all three of his variation complement that style of play.

Johnny Cage X Ray

25/04/ · Kasting Kall (X-Ray) Johnny X-Ray is one of the few in the game that hits as an overhead attack. You can combo into it during of combos or use it as a standalone attack to blow through an opponent's attack. has good enhanced special moves so your meter should go to those before you spend it all on the Kasting Kall X-Ray Author: Bryan Dawson.

Johnny Cage X Ray

Johnny Cage X Ray

Johnny Cage X Ray

Johnny Cage X Ray

Johnny Cage X Ray

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