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In China, the execution of the bastinado has been documented sincein Europe it is mentioned for the first time in The term Sohlenstreich used to be common in everyday Germancf. Mozart's Die Zauberflöte see belowwhich corresponds to the less frequently used term sole blows in current linguistic usage. In the colloquial German language, the bastinade was sometimes also paraphrased by the phrase number on the soles of the feet. In the English-speaking world, the variation of the term Bastinado is predominantly in use, at times the term booting Bastonade used, and it is sometimes also referred to as foot whipping or sole caning.

The number of successive blows given varies depending on the context and the method used in Bastonaed respective culture. In Iran50 lashes are considered a comparatively mild punishment, many times this can be imposed on criminals. In the Ottoman Empirethe imposition of blows is historically documented for Iran and the Ottoman Empire see section Modern History.

During Bastonaee time of National Socialismfor example, to strokes were reported from Bastonade homes. The bastinado is increasingly used where people are initially subject to the law or the factual possibility of being punished by other people and are also constantly forced to be barefoot. These circumstances can apply to the persons concerned e. The bastinade is still used in various countries in prisons, during police interrogations as well as in armed and political conflicts.

In Germany, Bastonade bastinade was in Patreon På Svenska within penal institutions and prison camps until the end of the Nazi era. In France, she was used by the Sûreté state police for interrogation purposes and was used in various prisons, such as the penal colony of New Caledonia.

The Hungarian and Yugoslav police used them in the s, as did the Romanian police until the end of the communist Ceausescu dictatorship in In colonial occupied India the bastinado was Bastonave in connection with tax offenses; The German Sexnovellet regime used the bastinade in addition to the execution of sentences and camps in the occupied countries of Denmark and Norway.

In order to intimidate the student movement in Greece, this method was used on an Basyonade basis, as practically no visible traces could be found once the students concerned were released from prison. During modern slavery in Brazil or the American southern states, the bastinado was used in particular where a so-called "clean beating" should be used.

In the case of women held in slavery, a "decrease in value" should be avoided aBstonade this Baastonade, which could possibly occur as a result of skin injuries from the usual flogging.

Since, according to the official slave laws, they were forced to be barefoot anyway, the bastinade was an obvious punishment. In the slave law of "Cape Town" there is e. For example, the phrase "Slaves must go barefoot and must carry passes slaves must go barefoot and carry ID documents with them ". The bastinado is performed with a suitable percussion instrument on the soles of Cat Deeley Naked bare feet of the person concerned.

Usually a whip or canebut also flexible objects such as straps, cables or rods are used. According to the Middle Eastern method tr: Falakatheir ankles are tied to Bastonade beam and lifted up with it, the blows are usually performed with a wooden stick. In other regions, however, there were and are different ways of tying up the person concerned for the bastinado and performing the chastisement.

The person to be beaten was and is fundamentally restricted in their physical freedom of movement in all regionally different manifestations, at least to the extent that they are not able to move their feet or move the body in anticipation of the impact or in the pain reflex.

The bastinade triggers a particularly intense pain perceptionas the underside of the human foot has a very high pain sensitivity due to the high density of nerve cells. The pain that is triggered is not limited to the point of impact on the arch of the footbut radiates subliminally into the entire body. This effect arises because the tibial nervewhich runs alongside the sole of the foot and is directly affected by the Basyonade in the arch of the foot, transmits the stimulus directly to the central sciatic nerveBastonade from there reflexively radiates into the other body regions.

In contrast to other parts of the body, the pain sensitivity of the soles of the feet does not gradually decrease during repetitive impacts, such as blows. Due to the functional peculiarity of the sole of the foot as well as the palm as the primary organ of touch, neither a feeling of numbness nor habituation occurs. The subjective pain perception rather increases gradually with an increasing number of blows through increasing activation of the nociceptors up to their maximum stimulation.

After a number of previous impacts, even a moderate touch stimulus, which would normally be perceived below the pain thresholdcan be intensified by the increased activity of the nociceptors to such an extent that it triggers a subjective pain sensation. With the same intensity of the impact from the percussion instrument, the pain felt by the person concerned therefore increases steadily to a certain extent.

The pain sensations perceived Baastonade the bastinade can, however, be rated as different in intensity depending on the Bastonade pain tolerance, which varies from case to case, Amandla Olafsson its possible further shift due to feelings of fear and powerlessness. When the bastinade is performed in the manner described above, the totality of the physical effects is usually of a temporary nature; the foot bones as well as Bastonade supporting and musculoskeletal system are not damaged.

The metatarsal bones below the soft arch of the foot are adequately protected by the short foot muscles toe flexors running above them ; the force of a percussion instrument described above is usually completely absorbed by the skin and foot muscles without affecting the foot bones. Haematomas or open injuries to the skin occur extremely rarely, even with higher intensity of the impact, because the dermis of the soles of the feet, like that of the palms, is particularly tear-resistant due to its high strength and elasticity and the upper skin epidermis is also much higher Strength than other skin regions.

Thus, despite the triggering of high pain stimuli, the person concerned usually does not experience any injuries requiring medical care. One such method subjected person can usually also briefly normal as possible after the execution despite continued acting pain stimuli move. Because of these modes of action and the comparatively little effort required to achieve them, the bastinado continues to Bastobade used in various countries in different contexts see above. If, in contrast to the method described above, the bastinade is performed using rigid and solid percussion instruments in the areas of the toes, ball of the foot or heel, as is sometimes practiced in the Middle Eastern Falaka method, serious injuries such as Bone fractures and nerve damage as well as an often permanent impairment of the motor function remain.

This result, which is often deliberately brought about or accepted with approval, is classified under the concept of corporal punishment due to its permanently damaging mode of Bastonadde. Both before and after the military coup in Turkey inthe bastonade was one of the classic torture methods. Bxstonade India, inmates in women's prisons are also punished by beating on the soles of their feet. In Syria, too, the bastinade is a common punishment in prisons there.

The bastinade is also used regularly in the Libya conflict report in the Berliner Zeitung of September 14, In concentration camps of the Nazi regimethe bastinade represented an everyday form of punishment for prisoners Bastonadee both sexes. Even in children's homes during this time, regular punishment Bstonade beating on the soles of the feet is reported. The use of the bastonade in children's homes up to the s is reported from Austria. In the US state of Massachusetts, the bastinade is documented in the penitentiary Ps4 Pro Gpu until In Iranbefore the constitutional revolution ofaround 50 blows with a stick on the Bastonade of the feet were considered a comparatively mild punishment and 1, a cruel punishment.

Helmuth von Moltke reported in a letter dated September 27, from the Ottoman Empire as an eyewitness about a penalty of blows, per foot, which the Sultan reduced to 50 at his request. In the fourth Bastonade of Heinrich Graetz's work on the history of the Jews, he Bastonae on the use of Bastonade bastonade in Damascus. The English translation speaks of forty lashes. The bastinade is also used by Karl May in literary description, both in his Mahdi trilogy and in the Orient cycle.

In cinematic works, the bastinade is usually shown in the context of imprisonment in the visualization of politically motivated torture or punishment. Relevant implementations can be found u. Corresponding implementations can Bxstonade found u. Source Authors. Previous article Next article.




In China, the execution of the bastinado has been documented since , in Europe it is mentioned for the first time in The term Sohlenstreich used to be common in everyday German , cf. Mozart's Die Zauberflöte see below , which corresponds to the less frequently used term sole blows in current linguistic usage.


What does bastonade mean? (obsolete, slang) To beat with a stick. (verb).



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